Crescent City Messenger Otters Tumbler - Officially Licensed



Our Otter Tumblers are back and improved! We previously had our tumblers made with a printing partner and due to inconsistencies in quality we have moved the production in house. These are now printed by sublimation (same as our mugs!) and while we recommend hand washing for longevity of your tumbler - these can even withstand an accidental run in the dishwasher (I know my partner has put so many things in the dishwasher by accident so this is household approved!)  If you've had issues with a past tumbler purchased please send your photos to us,

Now available in 20 and 30 oz size.  From House of Earth and Blood by Sarah J. Maas, copyright © 2020. Artwork by Natalie Reed. Reprinted by permission of Writers House LLC acting as agent for the author.

Hand wash recommended! Has been tested in dishwasher but as all dishwashers are different we cannot guarantee results and as such recommend hand washing for longevity and color retention. 

• High-grade stainless steel tumbler

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Customer Reviews

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Chef's Kiss

I put too much ice in this tumbler last night at 7 pm. I left it on the kitchen table overnight and as of 11:32 am there is still some ice in it and it is still ice cold. Everyone loves this cup and even if they have not read the books they think this is so cute.

Emily Weidman

I literally started reading Crescent City bc I heard of the otters and was not disappointed at how cute they were in the book. This cup somehow made me love them even more. Thank You!!

Megan Ford
Otter Tumbler!

Absolutely LOVE! It is the cutest thing and my favorite cup I owe!!!

Natasha Crowther
Crescent City Tumbler

I ordered this for my sister who love the crescent city books, the tumbler is super cute and particle with a I also ordered from the UK and it came super quickly. Highly recommend.

Jade J
Amazing customer service

First I wanna say that your care for us that but your items is unparalleled. I bought from the original otter tumblers when they first launched back at Christmas. Sadly the first came damaged I had assumed it was merely from a new product and someone had been a little quick to get it shipped that they hadn’t let the picture dry enough that bits had chipped. You were quick to appologize and give me an option of money back or a replacement. I had gone with the latter because I love the tumbler. The new came and it was perfect not a blemish and it was just adorable! Sadly though as the past months of use which was only ever in my home (the damaged one was the to go tumbler) i began noticing that little hard bubbles would appear as it was hand washed. I couldn’t use even a soft cup brush on the out surface or even leave the cups to soak in soapy water. I figured it was just a common thing that would eventually happen that I was okay with just doing a quick outer wash with my hand and soap to keep the outside clean and then bottle brush the inside. But then you posted to tiktok about the common issues with the print and that you had switched back to in house and we’re releasing a newer one. I jumped at that was planning on just ordering a new. But you went above and beyond and helped with me getting a new one from this reprint. I just received it today and I can already tell the quality is perfect! I’m including pictures of my old one and the new one for others to see the care you have truly placed into righting an error that was not your fault. I will say that my only issue is that the rich brown of the otters is a little more light than in the original but I’m okay with that if it’s going to last longer! Thank you again for being such an amazing shop and the care and love you show with your products! ❤️